Akostar 480 SL

Akostar 480 SL
Brand name Akostar 480 SL
Active Ingredient Glyphosate as Isopropylamine salt 480 g/L
Crops Diseases Recommended rate
Glyphosate tolerant corn Itchgrass, Morning glory, Dayflower, Synedrella, Buttonweed, Spindle top, Calopogonium, Hairy beggarsticks, Tropic ageratum 2-3 With one-half of the required amount of water to the mixing spray tank, add the required amount of Akostar 480 SL. Mix well before adding the remaining portion of water. For knapsack sprayer, it is suggested to mix the solution in a separate container and fill the knapsack with the mixed solution. Early dry season low volume spraying (LVS) of Akostar applied at 200-400 L water/ha provides best result. Efficacy may be enhanced by dissolving and adding 1% crystalline Ammonium sulfate (AMS) to the spray solution for the control of various weeds including cogon.
Mango, Banana, Coffee Cogon
  • Shade conditions
  • Open conditions
Rubber, Oil palm, Citrus, Coconut Mutha, Paragrass Talahib Fern shade conditions 2
Sugarcane and vegetables Other annual weeds 2
Mode of Action 9 - EPSP synthase inhibitor
  • Systemic herbicide - Kills above and below ground plant parts
  • Non selective and broad spectrum - Controls large variety of weeds, grasses and sedges
  • Superior surfactant - Ensures quick and sure absorption of active ingredient
  • Economical - Saves labor cost and time
  • Suitable for G.T. Corn - Suitable for use in Glyphosate Tolerant Corn.
Pack Sizes 500 ml, 1 L & 4 L bottle and 200 L Drum