Finesta 5 SC

Finesta 5 SC
Brand name Finesta 5 SC
Active Ingredient Fipronil 50 g/L
Crops Diseases Recommended rate
(tbsp/16 L water)
Rice Stemborer, BPH, Leaffolder, Rice bug 2.0-3.0*
*20 TL/ha
Mix recommended dose of Finesta 5 SC with sufficient water and apply as high volume spray when insect pest infestations are first noted. Repeat spray applications whenever necessary or when insect populations persist.
Cabbage Diamond-back moth 2.0-3.0*
*20 TL/ha
Watermelon Thrips, Leaf beetles 2.5-3.0
Onion Cutworm 5.33
Eggplant Shoot borer 3.0-4.0
Mode of Action 2B - GABA gated chloride channel blocker
  • Broad spectrum - controls wide variety of insect pests
  • Contact and stomach action - but more effective when ingested
  • Long term protection - crops are protected for a long period of time
  • Good resistance breaker - Effective in areas where there is already resistance in commonly used insecticides
Pack Sizes 500 ml and 1 L bottle