Glowstar 150 SL

Glowstar 150 SL
Brand name Glowstar 150 SL
Active Ingredient Glufosinate ammonium 150 g/L
Crops Diseases Recommended rate
(tbsp/16 L water)
Cavendish Banana Mixed weeds (grasses, sedges and broadleaves): In field, shaded conditions 160 Spot treatment of weeds using 1.3 L Glowstar 150 SL in 100 L water every 3.5-4 month is recommended depending on weed infestation. Mix 1.3 L Glowstar 150 SL in 200 L water to cover 1 hectare.
Mixed weeds (grasses, sedges and broadleaves): Immature, open field 135-200

Spray for 2-3 cycles at monthly interval before leaf canopy closes in.

Rubber Cogon: Mature, shaded conditions 215 Spray to wet adequately the leaves. Apply when weeds are actively growing.
Cogon: Immature, open conditions 270

Follow up treatments of weed regrowths with 1.3% Glowstar 150 SL solution (1 L product per 100 L water) should be done.

Mixed weeds: Paragrass and Carabao grass 135
Oil palm, Coffee, Cacao and Citrus Mixed weeds (grasses, sedges and broadleaves): Mature, shaded conditions 160 Apply every 3-4 months if necessary depending on weed infestation.
Mixed weeds (grasses, sedges and broadleaves): Immature, open conditions 135

Weed regrowth should be treated with 1% Glowstar 150 SL (1L product per 100 L water).

Non-crop areas Mixed weeds (grasses, sedges and broadleaves) 160-215 The higher rate is recommended against hard-to-kill perennial or for established weeds. For established weeds that are too tall, cut the weeds and wait for regrowth before spraying Glowstar 150 SL at 1.3% solution.
Mode of Action 10 - glutamine synthesis inhibitor
  • Contact herbicide - kills weed without affecting its roots
  • Post emergent, non selective and broad spectrum herbicide - which can control wide variety of weeds
  • Good alternative for glyphosate and areas where glyphosate resistance is observed.
Pack Sizes 1 L and 4 L bottle and 200 L drum