Grifon SC

Grifon SC
Brand name Grifon SC
Active Ingredient Copper hydroxide 223 g/L
+ Copper oxychloride 239 g/L
Crops Diseases Recommended rate Application
Banana Finger rot
Diamond fruit spot
10-11 ml/L Use pre-calibrated spray equipment at 80-100 ml of spray solution/application/baggable bunch for bananas. Start application on the bunches when the first two hands already emerged and repeat at 2-3 days interval for two weeks or until bagging.
Mode of Action M01 - multisite contact activity
  • Preventive/protectant fungicide
  • Broad spectrum fungicide and Bactericide
  • Patented combination - Copper hydroxide releases copper ions fast for immediate plant protection while Copper oxychloride slowly releases copper ions for extended residual control
  • Unique SC Formulation - Grifon is rare SC formulation in Copper based fungicides which disperses easily in water and when sprayed on plants it spreads on leaf surface uniformly to give better efficacy.
  • Stain free spray - Spray stains on plant surface are almost negligible due to uniform & microscopic particle size and water based formulation.
Pack Sizes 500 ml Bottle