Indofil 455 F

Indofil 455 F
Brand name Indofil 455 F
Active Ingredient Mancozeb 455 g/L
Crops Diseases Recommended rate
Banana Sigatoka/Black leaf streak 4-5 L/Ha
Mode of Action M03 - Multisite contact actitity
  • Better efficacy - Bio-efficacy of Indofil 455 F is comparatively better 
  • Very high suspensibility - Indofil 455 F has a suspensibility of more than 90% means negligible sedimentation in spray tank. 
  • Small & uniform particle size - Indofil 455 F provides more leaf coverage and also results in uniform distribution of particles on plant surface. 
  • Stain free spray - Fungicide stains and deposits are not acceptable in vegetable, flower and fruit crops With use of Indofil 455 F, spray stains on plant surface are almost negligible.
  • Easy to mix - Indofil 455 F mixes readily in spray tank
  • Dispersion is rapid and thorough
  • Fast re-suspensibility - It re-suspends better and faster upon stirring if spray operation is stalled due to wind or other reasons.
  • User Friendly and Dust free - No dust problem because of its flowable formulation. It is therefore convenient and safer for the user to handle.
Pack Sizes 100 L Drum