Indofil 600 OS

Indofil 600 OS
Brand name Indofil 600 OS
Active Ingredient Mancozeb 47.5% w/w
Crops Diseases Recommended Rate
Banana Sigatoka/Black leaf streak 1.05-1.75 Kg A.I. or 1.75-2.90 L/Ha
Mode of Action M03 - Multisite contact actitity
  • King of fungicides - Widely used and trustworthy fungicide offering effective control of wide range of diseases including Sigatoka in Banana.
  • Broad spectrum disease control - Indofil 600 OS is an effective protectant fungicide which controls diseases caused by all four major classes of plant pathogens in wide range of crops.
  • Very high suspensibility - Unique Oil based formulation ideal for Banana as it spreads on Banana leaf surface easily and remains there to provide prolonged disease control and less sedimentation on spray tank
  • Small & uniform particle size - Provides more leaf coverage and also results in uniform distribution of particles on plant surface. 
  • Fit for resistance management - Due to multisite mode of action, the risk of resistance development is very low; therefore, it can be used repeatedly for number of years.
  • Provide nutrients - Potential health benefit to the plant by providing Manganese and Zinc as micro nutrients.
  • Environmentally safe - Low persistence in environment as it rapidly degrades in soil and water, no leaching potential.
  • User Friendly and Dust free - No dust problem. It is therefore convenient and safer for the user to handle.
  • Ideal tank mix partner - Best fungicide to be used along with systemic fungicides to prevent and or delay resistance development.
Pack Sizes 60 L Drum