Indofil 750 WDG

Indofil 750 WDG
Brand name Indofil 750 WDG
Active Ingredient Mancozeb 750g/Kg
Crops Diseases Recommended rate
(tbsp/16 L water)
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli Downy mildew, Alternaria leaf spot 3-6
Banana Sigatoka/Black leaf streak 2-3 Kg/Ha
Cucumber, Squash, Melon, Watermelon Downy mildew, Anthracnose, Scab 3-6
Tomato Early and Late blight, Anthracnose, Septoria leaf spot 3-6
Lettuce Downy mildew 3-6
Potato Early and Late blight 3-6
Onion, Garlic Downy mildew, Purple blotch, Botrytis leaf blight 3-6
Beans, Peas, Mungo Rust, Anthracnose, Downy mildew 3-6
Grapes Downy mildew, Black rot 3-6
Papaya Fruit rot 3-6
Mango Anthracnose, Scab 3-6
Celery Leaf blight 3-6
Cotton Damping-off 3-6
Soybean Leaf rust 3-6
Corn (Sweet and popcorn) Helminthosporium leaf spot 3-6
Rice Blast, Sheath blight Cercospora leaf spot, Helminthosporium leaf spot 3-6
Peanut Cercospora leaf spot 3-6
Pepper, Chilies Anthracnose 3-6
Eggplant Blight, Anthracnose 3-6
Ornamentals Black spot, Blight, Anthracnose 3-6
Mode of Action M03 - Multisite contact actitity
  • Dust Free - Wettable Granular formulation which is safe for user, No environment contamination.
  • Improved Bio - Efficacy - Indofil 750 WDG formulation has high suspensibility which plays an important role in uniform spreading on leaf/plant surface after spraying which improves the bio-efficacy.
  • Better Coverage - Small particle size results in better & uniform leaf surface coverage.
  • High suspensibility - gives uniform coverage of leaf surface and better disease control.
  • Easy Handling - Due to free flow nature of Wettable Granules it is convenient and hassle-free in measuring the product and dispensing to mixing tank
  • Less Toxic - Due to unique formulation, dermal toxicity is less.
  • Easy Mixing - Due to its granular formulation nature it is quick to form uniform solution with less stirring during solution making.
  • Broad spectrum - Controls large number of diseases (with its multisite action), caused by phycomycetes, advance fungi and other group of fungi infecting many crops
  • No disease resistance - Indofil 750 WDG has multisite fungitoxic action, can be used repeatedly in cycles, without any danger of resistance development.
  • Ideal tank mix partner - Best fungicide to be used along with systemic fungicides for better result to prevent and or delay resistance development.
Pack Sizes 25 Kg bag