Maxilizer Liquid

Maxilizer Liquid
Brand name Maxilizer Liquid
General Dosage 500 mL per hectare (For field crops, use 30-40 mL per 16 L of water; and for fruit bearing trees, use 500 mL per 200 L water)
Compatibility Maxilizer Liquid can be mixed with commonly used pesticides except herbicides and copper-based fungicides.
Crops Application Benefits
(Solanaceous and Fruit bearing vegetables)
1st spray: 6-8 leaf stage
2nd spray: Flower initiation and fruit setting
3rd spray: Repeat after every picking
  • More flowering and fruit set
  • Uniform fruits development
  • More number of pickings/harvests
  • Better quality produce with longer shelf life
(Fruit bearing trees)
1st spray: Bud emergence (7-10 DAFI)
2nd spray: Fruit development (45-48 DAFI)
3rd spray: Fruit development to harvest (56-90 DAFI)
  • Reduction in flower and fruit drop
  • Uniform fruit development with more marketable fruits
  • Increase the fruit weight and TSS content, and improves color and shelf life
(Leafy vegetables)
1st spray: 6-8 leaf stage
2nd spray: 15-20 days after 1st spray
  • Uniform growth
  • More pickings
  • Greener and marketable leaves
1st spray: Tillering stage
2nd spray: 20-30 days after 1st spray
  • More secondary roots, tillers, and panicles
  • Uniform flowering and grain filling
  • Heavier & unbroken grains
  • Less chaffy grains
  • Microbial research product derived from oceanic plant (Ascophyllum nodosum) extracts through unique microbial metabolic process.
  • Contains Amino acids, Cytokinin, Auxin, Gibberellin and nutrients such as Nitrogen, Zinc, and Boron to stimulate various plant processes and maximize plant growth, yield, quality of produce, and profits.
  • Improves absorption and assimilation of nutrient inside the plant.
  • Imporves photosynthetic activity.
  • Protects from damage due to abiotic stress.
  • Promotes cell division and elongation.
  • Improves root system and soil microflora.
Pack Sizes 250 mL, 500 mL, 1 L bottle