Moximate 505 WP

Moximate 505 WP
Brand name Moximate 505 WP
Active Ingredient Cymoxanil 40 g/Kg + Mancozeb 465 g/Kg
Crops Diseases Recommended rate
(tbsp/16 L water)
Potato Late blight 5 Start spraying when disease appears and repeat at 7-12 days interval. A shorter spraying interval is necessary when disease incidence is high.
Tomato Late blight 5
Grapes Downy mildew 5
Mode of Action M03 + 27 - multisite contact activity + unknown mode of action
  • Synergistic Effect - Specialist Dual action fungicide i.e. contact and locally systemic, which controls diseases by its protective as well as early curative action. Best for controlling resistant fungal population.
  • Good kick-back action - Controls fungi even after 2 days of infection. Specialty fungicide to control diseases caused by oomycetes fungi. (Downy mildew, late blight, etc.) Rapid uptake and trans-location in plant.
  • Prolonged Control - Provides Long duration disease control.
  • Faster Efficacy - due to various actions on spores, viz - Inhibits spore germination, reduce spore viability and inhibits spores production, provides quick control of spread of disease.
Pack Sizes 500 g and 1 kg pouch