Primex 25 WP

Primex 25 WP
Brand name Primex 25 WP
Active Ingredient Buprofezin 50 g/Kg + MIPC 200 g/Kg
Crops Diseases Recommended rate
(tbsp/16 L water)
Mango Leafhopper 3-4 Start spraying 4-7 days after flower bud emergence. Repeat as needed.
Rice Green leafhopper Brown planthopper 1.5-3 Start spraying at the beginning of hopper infestation. Spray at 20 days interval or as needed.
Mode of Action 16 inhibitors of chitin biosynthesis + 1A Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
  • Dual action - A combination of Buprofezin, an Insect growth regulator (IGR) and Contact insecticide MIPC, a Carbamate, to ensure total control of hopper population
  • Slow build up of hopper population - Buprofezin, an IGR, inhibits molting, suppresses egg laying and reduces egg viability
  • Long residual control for less spray rounds
  • Japanese product - High consistent quality and safety
  • Good resistance breaker for areas that have developed resistance against commonly used insecticides
Pack Sizes 200 g Pouch