Brand name Trapp
Active Ingredient Zinc phosphide 800 g/Kg
Crops Pests Application
Rice, Corn, Sugarcane, and other crops Field rat, mice and other harmful rodents

PRE-BAITING - Prepare crushed rice, corn, dried fish or any food stuffed relished by rats. Place ½ teaspoon of the bait on banana leaves where rats regularly frequent or near their burrows. Pre-baiting may be continued for 2 days to ensure acceptance of the bait.

POISONED BAITS - use the same materials as used in the pre-baiting. Mix thoroughly 2-3 grams of TRAPP with 100 grams of bait materials. Put the poisoned bait in places where rats have eaten the poison-free baits. Be sure to put the poisoned baits at night in places where it cannot be reached by domestic animals. The poison baiting will be for one day only. Remove and bury all leftovers. If rat nuisance reoccurs, carry out a similar baiting procedure after 2 weeks.

Mode of Action Contains phosphide that turns to phosphine gas, a very toxic gas, when it gets contact with rat's stomach which crosses onto body's cells and stops cells from producing energy.
  • Quick acting easy to use rodenticide
  • Fast kill of rats to control its population
  • Can be used repeatedly by changing bait
  • Relatively small quantities of bait required per rodent kill
Pack Sizes 10 g Sachet