• With focus on
    the needs of Filipino farmers
With a focus on
the needs of the Philippines farmer

Indofil has ventured in International Agricultural Chemical market with an objective of being a most preferred supplier of Mancozeb.

Since then we have covered a lot of ground in Philippines; staying in tune with customer’s pulse, offering wider range of quality products, technical & logistic support, customized packing and prompt delivery. In other words, it has been an uphill challenge of pulling out all the stops that would deter us from achieving our vision and striving to delight customer.

Today we have carved out a presence in Philippines and earned the recognition of being a reputed supplier.

  • Fungicides
  • Indofil 800 WP
  • Indofil 600 OS
  • Indofil 455 F
  • Indofil 750 WDG
  • Proviso 250 EC
  • Moximate 505 WP
  • Matco 720 WP
  • Nexa 250 EC
  • Grifon SC
  • Herbicides
  • Akostar 480 SL
  • Glowstar 150 SL
  • Insecticides
  • Primex 25 WP
  • Klarex 3 EC
  • Finesta 5 SC
  • Other Products
  • Trapp
  • Embark 480 SL
  • Maxilizer Granules
  • Maxilizer Liquid

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Philippines on Focus!

With focus on the needs of the Filipino farmers, Indofil’s arrival to the country aims towards being a significant player in the agricultural industry. The vision is clear as Indofil offers crop protection & nutrition products which is helpful to every Filipino farmer to realize their crop potential yield and prosperity.